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ZSEPS Insomnia chikitsa

Sound, deep and healthy sleep is right there in your path

83% people got regular sleep without breaks and with healthy wakeup within 35 days of regular usage

Clinically studied and approved by Ayush ministry

Zseps Insomnia chikitsa completely focuses on regenerating natural system to treat the issue from the root’s, Zseps insomnia chikitsa supports with natural melatonin production and balances tridosha to get a stabilize sleep, without making you sleepy, drowsy, or tried for the rest of the day.

Zseps medicines = Good melatonin = Stabilize dosha’s = Healthy and sound sleep.

This kit consist of:

Vijyasatvadi vati

Regulates natural melatonin production

Controls overthinking and generates good energy

Balances Vata dosha completely

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Symptoms of Insomnia Chikitsa

Zseps specialised herbo mineral formulations

How ZSEPS Insomnia chikitsa kit work?

Vijaya satvadi tablets isn’t only your healthy sleep buddy but also your relaxer, calmer and your energy for next day. Vijya satvadi vati with natural sourced elements developed with specialized herbo mineral formulation contains potency to increases body’s natural melatonin production capacity for healthy, natural and good sleep. A healthy sleep is very essential for our next day, our health. Controls cortisol levels in body and prevents occurrence for any kind of inflammation in the body.


In total this treatment kit works for

  • It helps with naturally healthy sleep
  • It works on increasing energy and metabolism in our body
  • A natural melatonin producer
  • Helps in balancing hormones and controls overthinking chain
  • Helps you to feel energized and stress-free next day
  • It helps you to get enough sleep without making you drowsy or with heavy head throughout the day.
  • Balancing Vata dosha
  • It Also stabilizes triodosha’s

5 Reasons to choose ZSEPS Pharmaceuticals

✅ Patience: make sure you maintain your trust and gave time to every procedure.


✅ Patience: Yes, your positivity would be your booster to your confidence supporting faster recovery and easy healing.


✅ Healthy diet: Yes good food and healthy diet always supports your digestive cycle, helps in balanced agni channels, regulating natural melatonin and helps with good sleep.


✅ Physical workout: Will help you to increases your helps your body to utilize proper course of energy and make you physically active and helps your body to relax while sleep.


✅ Generate dark room while sleeping: Dark room supports brain with the production of melatonin and regulated peaceful sleep.


ZSEPS insomnia kit completely helps on working on root cause and balancing vata dosha which helps out mental stability and natural melatonin production.

So, combining all above steps will completely swipe off your INSOMNIA and helps in improvising sound, and peaceful sleep.

Key Herbs

Safed Mirch

Consist of naturally sourced pentobarbital a natural sleep-inducing agent which helps in relaxing your nerves and reducing stress, along with balancing Vata dosha.

Abhrak bhasma

Being adaptogen in nature it completely works as relieving stress, it also balances vata and pitta dosha helps to relief out stress, anxiety.


Green cardamom contains melatonin—a hormone naturally produced by the brain that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and helps you relax.

What Doctors says

As ZSEPS seen on

5 Reasons to choose ZSEPS Pharmaceuticals

Certainly! Here are five compelling reasons to choose us

Special herbo-mineral formulations

Chemical free treatments

India’s first brand introducing alternatives for steroids & painkillers

Zero side effects treatment

Working to reduce the graph of iatrogenic

How to get relief by using ZSEPS Insomnia chikitsa kit

Approved by Doctors✅


How ZSEPS treatment stands different and effective



Other Painkillers



Side effects

Root cause treatment

Herbo mineral formulation

Plant based

Working on body pillars

Reoccurrence rate





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Does this product have any side-effects?

This medicine do not contains any side effects or harm as its named after zero side effects pain solution, it completely do not have any side effects or adverse effect.

Will this medicine make us addictive?

Absolutely no this medicine will not at all make you addictive as it’s a course-based medicine and just helps to treat your problem from the core cause or roots.